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Welcome to Red Diggity Dog

Welcome to Red Diggity Dog

Welcome to Red Diggity DogWelcome to Red Diggity Dog

Boarding/Daycare Requirements




Canine Influenza

DAPP (Canine Distemper)


*Leptospirosis vaccine is optional but highly recomended

**If your pet can no longer receive vaccines due to health concerns, a letter from your vet will be accepted in place of vaccines. 

***Puppies not old enough for all of their vaccines will be accepted for boarding and daycare as long as they are current on the vaccines they can have. 

Flea/Tick Prevention

All pets must be current on their monthly flea prevention. We don't want your fur babies bringing in any stowaways while they are on vacation with us.


Every fur baby is different, we understand the individual personalities of each one. We accept all types of behaviors in our facility, however, if your fur baby has shown aggression towards other humans we sadly can not accept them. 

We hold the right to use discretion when accepting your fur baby to stay with us.

Spayed/Neutered Requirements

If your pet is not spayed or neutered we are still able to accept them for boarding. Due to behaviors of intact males and females special attention will be given and any special accommodations will be made for their safety and well being. Any pet over the age of 6 months will be subject to an extra fee per night of boarding.